BRIEF: For the new all-news channel “TG 24 NORBA” launch the Telenorba’s group (a southern Italy television group) asked the creation of its identity and moreover a redisign for the other channels one. Particular interest was expressed about the need to design a logo that could easily be used and be identified on microphones used in reportage as an instrument of advertising during its broadcasting on group’s channels or, even more, on national channels.

SOLUTION: Starting from the old Telenorba’s logo, it was decided to create a design identifier for the new all-news channel and, consistent with that, a redesign of the other channel’s logos, focusing on graphic elements that could operate either in a flat version or in a their embossed version that make them able to play a strong role in identification when they are used on microphone.

RESULTS: The logos have had a great success, strengthening Telenorba’s identity group and also bringing great results in terms of awareness.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Telenorba

Art director - Mario Vaglio

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