BRIEF: During its launch, Kraft Food asked us to create, for the new Philadelphia Duo, an unconventional event to invite people to try the taste of this new cheese.

SOLUTION: To engage consumers in a taste test with an unconventional approach we proposed to create a campaign focused in two steps. The first was a teaser of guerrilla marketing to spread through social networks consisting of affix in the hands of the statues that represent the leaders in triumph (always present at major Italian cities) of the typical knife to cut the cheeses together with a ribbon that would invite you into a well identified series of shopping malls. The second step was to set up lounge areas in those malls, similar to a cutting board, but equipped with parquet floors, couches shaped like philadelphia duo and puff where comfortably the product can be taste.

RESULTS: The project, in competition with other agencies, is unfortunately finished second being preferred to a totally conventional solution providing simple kiosks placed at railway stations in Rome and Milan.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Kraft Foods

Copywriter - Mariella Leone

Art director - Mario Vaglio


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Discover at Valmontone’s outlet who has conquered the cutting board.


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Philadelphia duo.

On cheese’s cutting board there is a new pleasure.

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