BRIEF: Create and design a logo for the Nissan dealer meeting able to express the strength and unity of Nissan’s sales network.

SOLUTION: WE UP, that means we urban proof, is the creative solution proposed and adopted for the meeting. With it we wanted to emphasize the identity of a group, that lived at that time the success of qashqai and the launch of juke (whose headline were, respectively, Urban Proof and Urban Proof Energised), to promote the strength of Nissan’s sales network able offering excellent results to the company and its customers.

RESULTS:  Nissan executives, after the meeting, expressed great satisfaction about our work. The logo used on all conference materials, but also in the animated version for the walk in and walk out of the sessions, strengthened the sense of belonging of dealers and involved them even more to business goals.


Agency - TBWA / Rome

Client - Nissan Italia Spa

Art director - Mario Vaglio

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