BRIEF: Communicate to Rome’s people, the birth of the law “Roma Capitale” that allows the city and its citizens to have new resources and new administrative powers for Italy’s capital.

SOLUTION: The registration mark, as a sign of ownership and value of something, it has become the chosen vehicle to communicate to the Romans the possibilities offered, first to them, by the law “Roma Capitale”. In this way we succeeded in making a form of belonging more to the city and its citizens.

RESULTS: The campaign, channeled mainly through billboards that harked back to the corporate website, had a great success and generated significantly peak internet traffic over the period September  - October 2010 as well as shown by Google Trends.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - City of Rome

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Copywriter - Alessia Crocini


Everything you see belongs to you. Roma Capitale is law. More powers and more autonomy of management for the city. Roma Capitale, more value to our city.

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