BRIEF: Enel is the second largest Italian energy company. They had the problem of communicating in an excessively cold and institutional way. So our brief was born by the need to introduce in Enel’s language new ways to get in touch better with its consumer conveying the message through a new BTL format.

SOLUTION: Everyday life is the name of the concept applied to the BTL format we invented and developed for Enel that is based on the graphic use of daily objects and with pictures that have a reportage and familiar flavor.

RESULTS: The project is still in use and, since its outset, has indicated a significant effect in terms of awareness of Enel’s brand.


Agency - JWT / Rome

Client - ENEL

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Copywriter - Silvia Mazzocco

                   - Ilaria del Bono

Photographer - Lorenzo Pesce


Slide 1

Dad always wants to know how much he pays for electricity and gas.

“All inclusive” deals.

Choose a size suited to your needs and if you respect it you can know in advance your monthly spending and have up to two months free size amount.


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I’m good at my house with the energy that has to do with me!

All offers gas & light by Enel Energia.

With Enel Energia offers dedicated to light and gas I can choose the most suitable for my home.


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Note: remember how many benefits you can have with your energy.

In my Enel Point I can get a voucher of 10 euro for my shopping with Enelmia.

Special for you.

Go to an Enel Point, activate light or gas offers by Enel Energy: now you can get a bonus of energy points and a voucher for 10 Euro if you choose Enelmia.


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We want to live in an energy efficient home.

Energy certification.

Choose the electricity and gas offers by Enel Energia, you can have easy and free consulting a qualified technician to certify your home.


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I choose the size of “all inclusive” that suits us.

Call toll free 800 900 860 answers you the number one.


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The “sizefinder” helps me discover my gas consumption.

The “sizefinder” helps me discover my electricity consumption.

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