BRIEF: National Geographic channel, a sponsor of science’s festival in Genoa, required a brand activation, in which involve visitors into a fun experience “based on science”.

SOLUTION: The “NAT GEO CURIOUS EXPERIENCE” was the solution adopted to create an engagement between the channel and festival’s visitors. We invited them to have fun doing the experience of a tropical storm. Accessing a black cube, branded with channel’s graphics identity, people were dipped into a virtual set, consisting of a green screen and a very powerful wind machines, where they were filming while enjoyed fighting the storm. The video, properly postproduced and edited with real scenes, was then uploaded on a dedicated website to be reviewed and shared on major social networks.

RESULTS: In just three days a diverse group of more than 3000 people, consisting mainly of groups of friends, families, couples and single visitors, attended   the CURIOUS EXPERIENCE. More than 1500 videos were uploaded on the dedicated website and shared on major social networks by creating, in two weeks, an increase of 23% buzz.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Nationa Geographic


Copywriter - Antonio Maccario

Art director - Mario Vaglio


© Copyright 2015 Mario Vaglio. All rights reserved.