BRIEF: Using a non-traditional media, communicate to a young target (18-35) established in Rome,  the problem arising from the Council’s decision to break up gypsy’s camps in all the municipal area.

SOLUTION: Promocard are a point of reference for all young Romans becouse of their collectability. With our choice we decided that our focus was, simply, to make it clear about the change in gypsy lives established on all Rome’s municipal area and how this would have an impact on their rights to be treated like Roman citizens.

RESULTS: The project, in conjunction with Ambient media interventions, was largely successful and has been the subject of numerous articles in local and national newspapers, reopening the debate on gypsy population living in the city of Rome


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Amnesty International

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Copywriter - Alessia Crocini


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Some Roman citizens are no longer allowed to live in Rome.

Signature against the City of Rome’s nomads plan on


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Some Roman children are no longer allowed to go to their school.

Signature against the City of Rome’s nomads plan on

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