BRIEF: Kraft food Italy asked to design a product and brand experience creating and organizing: an consumer event able to communicate the new positioning of Splendid in breakfast area and the Start Positively expecting distribution of samples, leaflets and vouchers; a temporary web site on which a mechanic linked to competition and at the time of consumption.

SOLUTION: With “breakfast at splendid”, concept name thought for this project, it is aimed to emphasize the preciousness of the moment with splendid breakfast. It is therefore proposed to put in place an intervention to be carried out in major Italian shopping malls where with stands and hostess, dressed to resemble Audrey Hepburn in the movie “breakfast at Tiffany‘s”, could be offered to the public a taste test, purchase vouchers, leaflets and participation in the competition involving such a fantastic voucher of 10.000 € to buy Tiffany jewels.

RESULTS: The project has brought excellent results in terms of awareness for Splendid’s brand that has seen an increase in sales, over the next few months, by about 12% on an annual basis.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Kraft Foods

Copywriter - Mariella Leone

Art director - Mario Vaglio


Slide 1

Breakfast at Splendid’s.


Slide 2

Breakfast at Splendid’s.

Have a breakfast with Splendid and win Tyffany!

Buy a pack of Splendid coffee, discover your game code and go to the website You can win

€ 10,000 to spend on Tiffany jewelry.


Slide 3

The game of the three cups.

Breakfast a precious moment.

Have a breakfast with Splendid and win Tiffany.

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