BRIEF: Communicate by a press campaign, the opening of the photographic exhibition organized by Apurimac Onlus and dedicated to a reportage produced to show the use of funds raised by solidarity cell txt for the construction and the grant of a hospital in the Peruvian region of Apurimac.

SOLUTION: The care in each picture, narrated with a camera roll and a gauze used like a film is the solution for this non-profit organization and its photographic exhibition.

RESULTS: The campaign has attracted a large number of visitors and has been highly appreciated both by the public and by members of Apurimac.



Copywriter - Gabriel Pinto

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Photographer - Mario Vaglio

Postproduction - Mario Vaglio


HEADLINE: “Objective Apurimac” care in each picture.

SUB-HEAD: 50 pictures describe the work of Apurimac in Peru

BODY-COPY: Apurimac goal is not just an exhibition, it is above all a testimony of what he can do by solidarity because is with the help of many people like you that Apurimac, by the years, can support humanly, socially and medically the Peruvian populations. Also this year comes to see where your help has arrived and where it can arrive.

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