BRIEF: Launch into business-to-business market, by a single page press campaign, the new “Nastro Azzurro” tins capable of showing to the consumer when beer is ready to be drunk through a system of strips (at its base) capable of reacting to the cold.

SOLUTION: “E’ pronta da bere” (literally, Is ready to be drunk) is the sentence on the bottom of the tin used ad showed, through the cold of an ice cube, in the center of the communication for the new “Nastro Nice” tin.

RESULTS: The campaign has generated great interest and created greater demand in orders for little more than 14% compared with sales forecasts made by “Nastro Azzurro’s” managment.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Copywriter - Mariella Leone

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Photomanipulation - Mario Vaglio


HEADLINE: A freshness never seen before.

INTO THE VISUAL: is ready to drink

BODY-COPY: The new Nastro Azzurro’s tin is the only one that changes color when it is ready to drink.

When the bottom becomes blue your “Nastro” is fresh at the right point (4/6 degrees) to give the best of themselves. Available in 33cl and 50 cl.

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