BRIEF: Revive, in an unconventional way, BNL (an italian bank part of BNP Paribas Group) online services in order to involve acquired and potential customers in using it significantly more as an alternative to go to the bank.

SOLUTION: The proposal made to client consisted of three different measures.

The first creating a blog www.inbancanograzie.com (literally - in bank no thank you), as a virtual gathering place for the community of “bancofobici” (Group of people afraid uncontrollably at the idea of going to the Bank), together with a presence of this community on the major social networks and banners with redirect to the website and the online services of the Bank. The second in re-disign bnl.it website to introduce, starting from the homepage up then totally off guard, a number of direct links to online services of BNL, along with numerous explanatory video on the use and operation thereof. Finally, and this is the part that I developed personally, a series of interventions to be carried out guerrilla and ambient inside branches consisting in: bank entrance framed by a laptop’s monitor, with the keyboard built like a carpet and a line at the bottom in which is written tha bank’s website www.bnl.it; stickers, pasted on walls and floors that simulate a hole labeled “would you escape? Go to inbancanograzie.com “; a fake bank counter with a cardboard employee full of webs and a counter behind him with the inscription “10845 people aren’t going into the bank. www.inbancanograzie.com “; an unconventional action made by a fake rescue stuarts and hostesses with a uniform similar to doctor and nurse one in which they are making a test to measure the level of “bancofobia”, distributing fake pills made of sugar, pins and, above all, tips on how to open an online account and how to access BNL services; guerrilla marketing action made of ATM screens shaped sticker and which refer to the site inbancanograzie.com.

RESULTS: The project, despite the appreciation of BNL’s management and their willingness to develop it, was blocked during its development cause of a supranational level decision aimed to reorganize and to cut BNL’s group relations with advertising agencies in order to optimize investments.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - BNL Gruppo BNP PARIBAS

Copywriter - Alessia Crocini

Art director - Mario Vaglio


Would you escape? Go to inbancanograzie.com


10845 people aren’t going into the bank. www.inbancanograzie.com


I did it. Ask me how. inbancanograzie.com


Slide 2

Resting in a bathtub, you can make a bank transfer. inbancanograzie.com


Slide 3

Sitting in your favorite bar, you can check your payments. inbancanograzie.com


Slide 4

While you are leaving the gym, you can log in into your bank account. inbancanograzie.com


Slide 5

While walking in the park, you can top up your mobile phone. inbancanograzie.com


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