BRIEF: Kaspersky is a Russian software house that produces a well-known antivirus system. The need of the Italian team was to extend to their business customers best wishes for Christmas in order to strengthen the human link.

SOLUTION: Based on the origin of the society and the need to strengthen direct contact between team members and their business customers I made a poster and a postcard in which is used a set of matryoshka representig every single team’s member and placing them in such a way as to form a Christmas tree and making good wishes in Russian (with an obvious translation).

RESULTS: The results came with the start of the new year and the resumption of business giving to the kaspersky italian team an 18% increase in revenue from customers as well as consolidated a series of affectionate responses sent like personal replies.


Agency - Arsenale 23

Client - Kasperky Italia

Copywriter - Alessia Crocini

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Illustrator - Mario Vaglio


HEADLINE: Merry Christmas from Kaspersky Lab.

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