BRIEF: Create a print campaign for the launch of the new design for RDS’s website - Radio dimensione suono (literally, Radio dimension sound) - emphasizing the wealth of contents shown in it.

SOLUTION: A copyhead like summary of the amazement in front of RDS website contents. “Wwwow”, straight to the point with a digital illustration entirely made by me.

RESULTS: The client chose the campaign not without being complimented for the idea and its visual rendering. The only print campaign he produced, during the period of its use, an increase of 18% in terms of attendance on the website.


Agency - TBWA Italia

Client - RDS Radio Dimensione


Copywriter - Raffaella Iollo

Art director - Mario Vaglio

Illustrator - Mario Vaglio



SUBHEAD:Join into RDS.it

BODY-COPY:Find out how much has changed Rds.it. Watch in HD all the tours, the showcases and exclusive interviews with your favorite personages. Discover the possibilities of thematic navigation in a brand new graphics and explore the many content: more podcasts, more blog posts and more space for the more than 800,000 members of our community. Our new world is waiting for you online. Rds with you. We broadcast wish to participate.

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